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Guide to contact information on Marketproof Pipeline
Guide to contact information on Marketproof Pipeline
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Marketproof Pipeline provides access to the contact information of participants associated with construction projects. Marketproof's team of researchers catalogs emails and phone numbers for companies and people that work as developers, architects, expeditors, engineers, contractors, and more.

How to unlock contact information

To unlock an individual or company's email and phone number, look for the "Get Contact Info" button across Marketproof Pipeline.

When an email or phone number is available, click the button, and contact info will be immediately visible. Each unlock required one token (explained in the next section). Any contact you have unlocked will be available in the My Contacts tab and across Marketproof Pipeline. You only need to unlock a contact once, the information will be available for the duration of your Marketproof Pipeline subscription.

The Token system

Your Marketproof Pipeline subscription allows you to access contact information thru a token system. The token system aligns valuable contact information with the cost of your subscription and helps to ensure that personal email addresses and phone numbers are not abused.

Each time new contact information is unlocked, a token is deducted from your account for that month.

Tokens included in your subscription

You get a certain number of tokens each month based on your subscription level. Unused tokens do not roll over to the next month. You can always check how many tokens you have remaining by going to the My Subscription & Billing section in Marketproof Pipeline.

If you find yourself often going over the monthly allotted tokens, consider upgrading your subscription. Please contact us to discuss a plan that’s right for you.

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