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Guide to exporting data on Marketproof Pro
Guide to exporting data on Marketproof Pro

Guide to exporting data on Marketproof Pro

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One of the benefits of subscribing to Marketproof Pro is the ability to download data. This empowers you to drill deeper into the platform’s information. For example, you can download verified offering prices or vetted contract dates to discover insights that the site itself does not showcase. Use your favorite spreadsheet or analytics tool to calculate PPSF for different kinds of units, create mailing lists with addresses, build custom comparative analysis reports and more.

How to download data

Look for the download icon across Marketproof Pro.

Currently, Marketproof Pro allows you to download data in the following areas:

After you’ve performed your search, click the "Download Icon".

You’ll see a breakdown of how much data you’re downloading and how many data credits it amounts to. This breakdown, described further below, will also tell you if there is any overage.

After you confirm the export, you’ll receive an email informing you when your data export is ready for download.

You’ll also be able to view all your downloaded data in the My Downloads tab of the My Dashboard section of the left-hand drop-down menu. Use the Download button to save your exported data to your computer.

The Data Credit system

A Marketproof Pro subscription allows you to download data based on a credit system. The credits reflect the value of the type and amount of data you’re downloading.

For example, downloading one row of data about a specific building uses one data credit. One data credit will also get you 15 rows of data about specific units. This is because aggregated building data is the culmination of many data points, and each building record contains not only vital profile information but also key stats about how the building is selling. By contrast, unit data is more straightforward, providing bed/bath, size, status, and price of the unit.

1 credit = 4 building records

1 credit = 15 unit records

1 credit = 50 market activity records

1 credit = 15 sales records

Data Credits included in your subscription

You get a certain number of data credits each month based on your subscription level, and you can pay as you go for any overage. Unused credits do not rollover to the next month.

For example, if you have the advanced plan with 10 credits, on June 1 you export data that requires 11 credits, your first 10 credits are included and you’ll only pay for 1 credit. Come July 1, you’ll have another 10 to use again. The image below shows what a user would see when downloading 11 credits of data.

The cost of credits beyond those included in your plan is $5 per credit. If you find yourself often going over the monthly allotted credits, consider upgrading your subscription. Heavy data users, please contact us to discuss an enterprise plan that’s right for you.

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