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Guide to Collections, Notifications & Sharing on Marketproof Pro
Guide to Collections, Notifications & Sharing on Marketproof Pro

Curate and share your collection of buildings and units

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With Marketproof Pro, you can curate and share a personalized collection of buildings and units. You can also choose to be notified of new activity for your collections. Whether you're a real estate agent helping a client find the perfect home or a developer comparing projects, Marketproof's collections is an invaluable tool.

What is a collection?

Simply put, a collection is a set of units or buildings you group together. The collection can then be shared in different formats.

A comparable view is a chart where you can see buildings' or units' basic info side by side. For buildings, compare things like total units, sales progress, and average asking price per square foot all at a glance. For units, quickly compare stats like number of bedrooms, square feet, and price per square foot.

Grid views are more succinct snapshots that draw attention to the visuals, while still providing basic information.

Here's an example of a collection of units that sold for more than $5,000 / Sq Ft in the first quarter of 2022.

How can subscribers use collections?

Collections are built to be flexible, allowing you to add any combination of buildings and units to support your needs. The following are just a few examples of how subscribers are using collections.

Buyer's Agents - Share unlisted shadow units that meet your buyer's preferences

Seller's Agents - Present comparable properties to support your valuation

Developers - Choose similar projects and compare their performance

Investors - Track potential investment targets and bulk opportunities

How do collections work?

Subscribers can create a collection by choosing two or more units or buildings.

Choosing properties

On a property page

Look for the Add button on any building or unit page to add the property to a collection.

In search results

After a building or inventory search, select the properties you want to include in a collection and click the "Add to Collection" button that appears.

Saving properties to collections

After you've selected your properties, choose an existing collection or create a new collection to save your properties.

Manage collections

You can access and manage your collections in your dashboard. Just navigate to the "Collections" section and you'll see the list of collections you've created. From your collections dashboard, you can share, remove properties, rename or delete your collection.

Getting notifications

When you create a collection, you will automatically be notified of new activity for the properties in the collection. You will get emails about notable events such as news, contract signings, closing and more. You can turn off notifications for a collection by clicking the bell icon to edit your notification setting.

You can chose turn notification on or off at anytime.

Share a collection

Simply click the "Share" button to share your collection. You will be able to personalize your share page and add a message. You can also set a custom share link. Send this share link to anyone you want to view your collection.

Note: you can create many share pages using the same collection, allowing you to personalize each page for a specific audience.

Manage share pages

After you've created a shared page, you can manage your shared pages in the Shared tab of the collection or the "Shared" section in your dashboard. You can update the title, change the message or delete the shared page if you no longer want others to have access.

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