Exploring Marketproof's 'News' Feed

Basics about what's included in the 'News' feed and how to use it

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When a new building is started, when a building is sold or demolished, and everything that happens in between these events, a public record is generated. Building permits are filed with the Department of Buildings. Offering plans are submitted to the Attorney General. Property sales are recorded by the Department of Finance. The list goes on.

Marketproof consumes thousands of public records every day. The moment a new piece of data hits Marketproof, we publish it -- automatically in the 'News' feed.  We don't filter it. Instead, we give you tools to filter this data as you see fit, by location (borough, neighborhood, address), by company, or by people. For each of these, we give you more advanced filters so you can drill in further. 

Additionally, in the News feed Marketproof publishes excerpts from news articles published by relevant media companies. Please note that unlike public records this information is filtered. Basically, Marketproof looks for relevant content and excludes the rest. For example, news about regions outside of NYC is excluded. Articles that are included, are matched to specific addresses when possible, as well as to neighborhoods, people and companies.

Here are some examples of how you can filter the News feed:

Recently Sold properties, greater than $20M, in Manhattan:

News published by Curbed NY:

Give the News feed a try -- and feel free to let us know what you think!

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