October 19, 2022: Community Collections

Ready-made collections for you to share.

We've taken the work out of creating collections with ready-made Community Collections of buildings and units that you can share with a single click.

You can customize the collection with your own title, message, contact info and more.

May 27, 2022: Export Your Collections

You can now download your collections as a CSV file.

Maximize your data credits by pinpointing the exact units and buildings you want to download. Just make a collection and click the download icon.

May 25, 2022: Asking & Sold Prices on Stacking Plans

Stacking Plans will now show unit prices so you can get the info without having to navigate away.

Sold price is shown for units that have been sold and last asking price is shown for all other units.

May 4, 2022: Tax Abatements & Assessments

Search Buildings by Tax Benefits

Want to know which buildings have more than 10 years remaining on a 421a? You can now search buildings by tax benefits and by how many years remain on the abatement.

Tax Benefit Phase Out Chart

Building and unit pages have new charts that show the length of the tax benefit and what its phase-out looks like by year.

Latest Tax Assessment and Quick Link to Tax Bill on Every Unit

Unit pages have a new tab that shows you the latest tax assessment. Quick links take you directly to the latest tax bill from the city.

Marketproof Collections is a new feature that enables you to curate and share a personalized group of buildings and units. Whether you're a real estate agent helping a client find the perfect home or a developer comparing projects, Collections is an invaluable tool.

April 8, 2022: Real Owner Addresses

Investors and second home buyers don't always live in the units they own so we extracted the their mailing addresses from deed documents. The owner's real mailing address is now included in owner list exports.

To export owner mailing addresses, just go to any building and look for the Owner List button.

March 25, 2022: More Data In Exports

Additional data points in unit and past sales exports allows you to do more analysis.


  • Past Sales Exports - Classification for sponsor vs resale, pre-calculated fields for price per square ft, percent discount, financing and more.

  • Unit Exports - More clarity in the current unit status along with pre-calculated fields.

March 17, 2022: Dashboard Update

A refreshed dashboard provides advanced insights on both new development and resale condo markets.


  • Current Inventory - Current state of new development and resale inventory.

  • Market Reports - Easy access to our monthly market reports.

  • Trending Buildings - What your peers are most interested in.

  • My History - Buildings and units that you recently viewed.

  • Top Properties - Highest priced listings, contracts, and sales.

Search filters across Marketproof New Dev & Condo received an upgrade. You can now target your search more specifically and across a wider range of values.


  • Multi-select - You are no longer limited to one selection per filter.

  • Sq Ft Range - Search properties by entering the minimum and maximum square footage.

  • Price / Sq Ft Range - Search by entering the minimum and maximum price per square foot across units and buildings.

  • % Sold Range - Search buildings by entering the minimum and maximum percent sold.

February 14, 2022: Sales Velocity Analysis

Sales velocity information has always been available on Marketproof at the building level, but our dedicated Sales Velocity tool now enables you to understand how a building’s contract activity aligns with comparable properties and how this activity relates to broader trends in New York City’s new development market.

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