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New: Past sales search on Marketproof Pro
New: Past sales search on Marketproof Pro

Search by date, amount, price. Advanced searches by buyer, seller, lender, as well as bulk purchases, non-market sales and more

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Search Past Sales is a major feature enhancement to Marketproof Pro that allows you to dig into the NYC new development and condo market in many different ways.

Check out recent discounts, days on market, and more

Want to know how strong the market is? Our tool shows you the discount for which each unit sold relative to its last listing price.

The feature also tells you how long a unit was on the market before it sold, who the buyer is and what financing was provided.

Narrow your search

Need to know how a specific neighborhood or building is performing? How condos in a certain price segment are selling? We have you covered.

You can narrow your search by neighborhood, price, and other factors.

For example, you can use this tool to determine:

Search for specific buyers and sellers

Looking for someone in particular? Use the Buyer Name or Seller Name filters to find their transactions.

Research bulk and non-market sales

For hardcore market researchers, our advanced search options allow you to search for bulk purchases, and non-market sales.

The tool also allows you to search based on whether the purchase included parking or storage and tells you how much the buyer paid for those amenities.

Data coverage

Search Past Sales currently covers 20 years of NYC new development and condo transactions. We'll keep digging so you can search back to the beginning of time.


Search Past Sales is available to subscribers with a Complete plan or higher. Navigate to 'Research Tools' and choose 'Past Sales'.

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