What Is a Verified Unit?
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What we have heard from professionals and consumers alike is that you want to know that listings, as well as property and building information, are real and accurate. So, we have created “Verified Units.” 

A Verified Unit is a property where we have reviewed historical information about the property, to determine the likelihood that the property is real and still exists.

If we don’t have public records to verify with, for example for a new building or for a unit that hasn’t been on the market in many years, we may ask you to help verify. Yes, you can be sure we are building in safeguards to protect against spammers and tricksters. 

Currently, there are three ways a unit can be verified.

1. New York City Agencies

Property, sales and tax records filed with the Dept. of Finance among others are used to check the validity of a unit.  

2. United States Postal Service

The deliverability of the unit number in the building is used to check the validity of a unit.

3. Vetted Marketproof Users

There are certain cases when City agencies and USPS doesn't get it quite right, especially for newly constructed or demolished buildings.  For this, we turn to our trusted Marketproof community.  

Users may indicate whether a unit is valid or invalid.  Each submission is sent to the Marketproof research team for investigation, only approved submissions are marked as valid.

Note that an unverified unit does not mean the unit is invalid, just that it cannot not be verified with one of the sources mentioned.  

If you spot a valid or invalid unit, please reach out to us.

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