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Your quick-start guide to Marketproof Pro
Your quick-start guide to Marketproof Pro
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Marketproof Pro is a software platform that provides visibility into the true inventory of NYC condos, offering the most complete and current data on buildings, developers, mortgages, brokers, resale transactions, and public filings. Quickly and easily find reliable information about condo sales, listings, contracts, and inventory, and use our tools to analyze units, buildings, neighborhoods, trends, and more.

Navigating the Site

A. Dashboard

Your personalized dashboard is where you can quickly access other parts of the site and keep track of the buildings and units you’ve saved, as well as any data sets that you’ve downloaded (more on exporting data here).

The dashboard is also where you can find quick insights on both new development and resale condo markets, which include:

  • Current Inventory - Current state of new development and resale inventory

  • Market Reports - Easy access to our monthly market reports

  • Trending Buildings - What your peers are most interested in

  • My History - Buildings and units that you recently viewed

  • Top Properties - Highest-priced listings, contracts, and sales

The News tab gives you one-stop access to relevant stories in real time. It also allows you to see the most recent construction filings (offering plans, certificates of occupancy, new building permits), listings, contracts, and sales.

B. Buildings

Buildings is where you search for specific condo buildings across the three Building Stages (select this under the Buildings heading). The stages are:

  • Pipeline - Buildings being planned or built and have submitted an offering plan to state regulators. They are not yet selling units.

  • Sponsor - Buildings that have an accepted offering plan, are currently selling, and are controlled by the sponsor. In this stage, the sponsor has more control over the building than the unit owners.

  • Resale - Buildings that have been largely or completely sold out, and the sponsor has transferred control to the unit owners.

Find more details on building stages here.

Next, add filters to narrow your search (and remember these filters for other areas of the platform):

  • Construction - Whether or not a building has a certificate of occupancy/is move-in ready

  • Total Units - Select a range of how many total units there are

  • Unsold Units - Select a range of how many total unsold units there are

  • % Sold - Filter by all buildings that have or don’t have sales, by a percentage range of how much of the building is sold, or by buildings that are or aren’t sold out

  • Price / Sq Ft - Average price per square foot of units in the building

  • Starting From - Lowest priced unit in the building

  • Offering Type - Whether the building is a new development, rehab, or conversion project

Use advanced filters to narrow further:

  • Ownership - Condo or co-op

  • Year Built - Pre-war, post-war, recent, or new

  • Sales Started - Time range for when sales launched

  • Last Listing - How recently a building has listed a unit

  • Last Contract - How recently a building has had a unit go into contract

  • Last Sale - How recently a building has had a unit close

  • Offering Status - How far along the sponsor is in the process of being able to sell units (more on that here)

  • Condo Dec - Whether or not a building has a condo declaration, a breakdown of units and commons spaces (more on that here)

  • Status - At what point in the permitting/sales process a building is

C. Inventory

Search Inventory

Inventory is where you search sponsor and/or resale units (use the checkboxes to choose).

You can target your search using the location search bar by entering a building name or address, neighborhood, or borough.

You can view the results in a list view (of all units) or a building view (grouped by building). In the building view, you can click to expand and see the units that match your search. You can see the detail for that unit by clicking again.

Narrow down by the building stage (more details on building stages here):

  • Sponsor Units - Units that are owned by the sponsor (have not been sold to buyers)

  • Resale Units - Units that have been sold (no longer owned by the sponsor)

  • Pipeline Units - Units that are planned or have been built but are not yet selling

Additional filters here are:

  • Status - Available (including active and shadow), Sold (including in contract and closed)

  • Price - Minimum and maximum

  • Asking PPSF - The price per square foot range for listed units

  • Bedrooms - Studios to 4 bedrooms +

  • Baths - One bathroom to 4+

  • Interior SF - Less than 500 square feet to 4,000 or more square feet

  • Exterior SF - Has or doesn’t have outdoor space or the square footage range

Additional advanced filters are:

  • Unit Type - Select if a unit is residential or commercial or if it is a storage unit, parking, or amenity space

  • Sold Date - Choose a start and/or end date for your results

  • Sold PPSF - The price per square foot range for closed units

  • Special Pricing - If a unit is asking below the last sold price

  • Carrying Cost - Select a price range of what the carrying cost is associated with a unit

  • Owner Type - Original owner (never resold) or corporate owner (owned by an LLC or corporation)

You can combine location search, filters, and advanced filters to meet a wide variety of searches.

Inventory Analysis

Inventory analysis provides an analytical view of the inventory, including unit mix, neighborhood sales rates, and key data points such as total available units, average price per square foot, average listed price, and average sold price.

You can use the same search and filters to narrow the charts and analysis shown.

D. Research Tools

Research tools allow you to analyze the new development market in different ways.

Market Activity

Market Activity provides a real-time view of key activities in condo and/or resale buildings. You can see listings, reported contracts, and closed sales. You can also drill into each building and see the details of each event. Select filters to narrow your slice of the market, and use the unit checkboxes to choose the type of unit.

You can also interact with the chart:

  • Time - Weekly or monthly

  • Sold Date - See sold activity by closed date or date recorded

  • Activity Type - Turn on or off - listings, contracts, and sales

Pull the time selectors across to analyze specific timeframes. Expand to as long as five years, or drill down to a single week.

Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity tells you how fast a new development building is selling and lets you analyze that performance against comparable projects and in the context of the broader new development market.

You can toggle to the 3-, 6-, or 12-month averages and see the sales velocity. Click on individual buildings to learn even more about them. On an individual building page, you can also see the all-time sales velocity.

You can then click the drop-down menu to see all contracts during this time period. For further information, click right through to see the specific unit.

Discount Analysis

Discount Analysis provides a real-time view of discount trends in the condo and/or resale market. You can see an overview of average discounts by borough, neighborhood, and property type. You can also drill into each building and see discounts for each sale.

Set filters to narrow your slice of the market, and interact with the chart quarterly or monthly.

Price Trends provides a real-time view into the average and median sold price per square foot and the number of sales in the condo and/or resale market. You can see an overview of the average price per square foot by borough, neighborhood, and property type. You can also drill into each building to see details.

As always, you can set filters, choose the type of unit, and interact with the chart quarterly or monthly, as well as by turning on or off the data type (number of sales, average PPSF, and median PPSF).

Past Sales

Search units that have previously closed. Additional filters here include:

  • Date Range - See sales for a certain time period

  • Sale Type - Was it a market sale, non-market transfer, or a bulk sale (select the number of units included in the bulk sale)

  • Discount - Select a percentage range for how much of a discount units closed for

  • % Financed - What percentage of the total closing cost was financed

  • Sale Includes - Did the sale include or exclude parking and/or storage

You can also type in specific names of the buyer, seller, or lender to search even further. Learn more about Past Sales here.

Enterprise Research Tools

Additional research tools include:

Sales Agents, Developers, Architects, and Lenders

See which buildings are being represented by which sales agents, are associated with which real estate development firms, were handled by which architecture firms, and received financing from which financial entities.

Permits & Filings

Permits & Filings allows you to see activity across the market when it comes to construction permits (major alterations and new buildings) and offering plans. Outside of contracts and closings, this is a way to visualize pipeline activity and learn first about new developments before they are publicized.

Search by:

  • Planned Units - The planned number of total units in a building

  • Permit Type - Major Alteration (anything that requires a new certificate of occupancy) or New Building

  • Offering Type - New condo, condo conversion, new co-op, co-op conversion

  • Offering sellout - The cumulative dollar amount that all planned units are expected to sell for

Turn on or off the data type (permit filed, offering submitted, offering accepted, offering effective) and view the chart weekly or monthly. Click through for more details on each specific permit.

E. My Account

Profile & Password

Profile & Password is where you can update your profile information and change your password. Your profile information can be included when you share buildings or units.

Subscription & Billing

Subscription & Billing is where you can see the details of your subscription, update your credit card, and download receipts.

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